Amenities are a feature of a storage unit that makes it more valuable to potentials tenants. It is a characteristic that is deemed to be a benefit of a storage unit. Amenities typically boost the value and/or appeal of a unit, which intern increased the rentals. 

1. To add an amenity to a specific unit.

Step1: Filter out a unit you want to add the amenity

Step 2:  In the detailed unit grid click on the + icon to add the amenities to the specific unit.

Step 3: Choose the amenities you want to assign to this unit and click on the Save button. 

2. Add Amenities to multiple units

Step 1: Filter out a unit you want to add the amenity & select the one or more units to assign the amenities

Step 2: Click on Assign Amenities option from the More icon. 

This will show up the amenities that are created in the Settings of your 6Storage account. 

Choose the amenities and click on the save button. 

Step 3: The amenity will be added to the selected units and will be displayed on the units tab.

The same will be displayed on the website.