There might be a need to show some of the units on the website & hide a few of them due to marketing strategies. Here are simple steps to follow to hide or show units on your website from the 6Storage account. 

Step1: Filter out the unit you want to hide on the website. 

Step 2: Click on the Online Status option from the More icon.

Step 3: The resulting popup will show the units grouped based on the sizes and their current online status. 

In the above case, 2 units are selected which belong to the same size 100 SQFT (Regular). One of the units is visible on the website and the other is hidden. If we want to change their current status, then we need to toggle the buttons and click on the Save button to update the changes. 


1. Green Toggle Button: This represents that is the unit is visible on the website.

2. Red Toggle Buttons: This represents that the unit is hidden on the website.

On the units tab, the visible unit will be represented by the keyword Ready To Use

Any of the units that are hidden will be represented by the keyword Offline.