Temporarily Delete Units

Here are steps that you should follow if you need to delete any unit(s) from your 6Storage account.

Step1: Filter out units that you want to delete from your account.

Step 2: Click on the Move to Trash option from the more icon. 

Step 3: Finally click on Yes to confirm the delete action

This temporarily deletes the unit from the 6Storage account. However, if you want to view such temporarily deleted units on your account click on the View Trash button from the units tab. 


Permanently Delete Units

Step 1: Click on the View Trash button from the units tab. 

Step 2: Select the units that you want to remove permanently from the system

Step 3: Click on the Empty Trash button 

Step 4: Click on the Delete button to confirm the deletion.

The unit will be completely deleted from the 6Storage account. 


1. Until a unit is completed removed from the account, the unit with the same unit numbers can not be created.

2. If there is an active lease with a permanently deleted unit, there will be no trace of the unit in the account.