Tenants with overdue leases can be locked out by updating the settings in Automation/Delinquency. 

For gate lockouts, select the location for which the settings will apply. 

Specify the number of days past the due date, along with the minimum overdue balance to schedule when gate access will be suspended.

In the settings above, the tenant will be locked out six days after the balance is due, if their amount overdue is $10 or more.

For manual overlocks, select the location for which the settings will apply. Toggle the button, Notify Storage Operator to Overlock if you want a notification sent to the admin to manually overlock unit. 

Storage operators will receive a notification when tenant(s) are to be manually overlocked via the blue notification icon in the upper right corner. 

Choose how to notify the tenant, by Email and/ or SMS.


If you want access to be granted to the unit automatically, subsequent to the settlement of dues by the tenant(s), then toggle the Enable Auto Grant for Suspend/Overlocked Units option.

Click on Submit Button save the changes. 

Note: To view current overdue leases, click on the View Overdue leases button

Click here for more info on Overdue Lease(s).