Security questions are an alternative way to recognize your customers when they have forgotten their password, entered too many times the wrong passwords or attempted to log in from a location or unknown computer.

Security questions can add an extra layer of certainty to your authentication process.

The best security questions make it easy for legitimate consumers to authenticate themselves without worrying about their accounts being infiltrated.

Here is the list of security questions that 6Storage provides. These can be selected during the move-in process and can be viewed in the tenant's profile. 

1.  Which town or city does your nearest sibling live in?

2.  What’s the last name of your favorite teacher?

3.  What’s your favorite movie?

4.  What’s the name of your first pet?

5.  What’s your father’s middle name?

6.  What’s the make of your first car?

7.  Which street did you grow up in?

8.  What’s the name of your first school?

9.  What’s your mother's maiden name?

10. What’s the name of your last school?

The security questions entered during the move in the process can be view in the tenant's profile. 

The added Security Questions can be viewed in the tenant's profile.