A Social Security number (SSN) is a nine-digit number issued to Citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents.The original purpose of this number was to track individuals' accounts within the Social Security program. 

One of the first questions that comes up when a tenant signs his lease agreement is whether he needs to provide his Social Security number (SSN). When SSNs first issued in 1936, the federal government assured the public that their use would be limited to Social Security programs. Today, however, they are frequently used in all sorts of applications. And because these numbers are so accessible, it's relatively easy for someone to use an SSN to assume another identity and gain access to his bank accounts, credit accounts, utility records and other sources of personal information. Identity thieves can even establish new credit and bank accounts in the victim's name.

Some Known Facts about SSN: 

The Privacy Act of 1974 only applies to government agencies. Under the act, all federal, state and local agencies must provide a disclosure statement explaining how the SSN will be used and under what statutory or other authority the number is requested. The act also states that an individual cannot be denied a government benefit or service if he refuses to disclose his SSN unless the disclosure is required by federal law.

Here are the steps to enable and collect SSN details during the move in process

Step1: Navigate to Settings>> Move In Settings>> Field Settings and find out the Social Security Number field

Enable the field, and if you want to collect the SSN from all your tenants choose to make it mandatory and click on Save.

Step 2: The Social Security number fields will now appear during the move in. 


1. The details that you collect from the tenant can be displayed in the lease agreement by using the Tenant SSN Macro " -ClientSSN-".

2. The SSN can not be viewed or edited anywhere on the admin panel.