The SALTO SPACE access control platform combines electronic door components, peripherals and software, providing tailor-made wire-free networked access control solutions. With SALTO control your door using your mobile phone through the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

Initial Setup steps in Salto Software: 

Step 1: Login to your Salto Account

Step 2: On the Salto Software create a New Job by click on Tools>> Scheduled Jobs>>Add Job

 Select CSV file format

Step 3: Type in the Jobs Name, File path the help you synch with 6Storage, Select file format as "ANSI". 

We need to skip the first row as the first row in the CSV file are the name of the fields we collect from the tenant. 

Select how the fields need to separate in the CSV file.

Finally, click on Next button. 

Step 3:  Add the field name that needs to be communicated between 6Storage and Salto by clicking on the add button. 

Step 4: Set how frequently the files need to be synched between 6Storage AWS cloud and Salto System and click on next button

Step 5: The final step is a confirmation step that helps you to verify all the details set so far on Salto.  When you are done, click on the Finish  button. 

Things to do on 6Storage: 

Step 1: Login to your 6Storage account and navigate to Settings>> Integration>> Find the Salto gate access feature

Step 2: On the resulting screen, type in the file path name set in Salto Software.

Now on each move in, move out, transfer there will be a sync between 6Storage and Salto Software.

Note: You will have to reach out to 6Storage Support for the Installable Window Services for the integration to fully function. 

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