Below are the steps to transfer a tenant from one unit to another:

Step 1:  Find the tenant you want to transfer to a new unit in the tenants tab

Step 2: Choose the Transfer button from the More icon in the tenant profile page

Step 3: You will find the existing tenant & unit details on the left. Verify them, and make changes to the tenant details if necessary. 

Step 4: Select the new unit you want to move the tenant to, and verify/ change the new units rental rate, invoice period, invoice recurring date.


1. If you are a business operating with multiple storage category like Units, Containers etc., the transfer can be done within the storage category. I.e. A tenant renting a unit can be transferred to a unit and not to another container. 

2. The current date is taken as the transfer date which is the move in date for the new unit & the move out date for the older unit. 

3.Future date transfers can not be scheduled. 

Click on Next button. 

Step 5:  To prorate the transfer, toggle the button on 

Step 6: The below table shows the current invoice in the tenant's account

In the above example the Invoice # 37 is completed paid and its period is 03/26/2021 to 04/25/2021.

Step 7:  The below table shows a summary of the balance, credit and refund to the tenant.

Step 8: Verify the payments that will be transferred to the new unit.

In the above example $50. 78 needs to be refunded to the tenant and there is a refundable deposit of $ 100.00

So the total about of $ 150.78 will be transferred as credit to the new unit.

Step 9: If you want to change the tenant on the transfer date, then enable the "Charge tenant for older unit on 04/15/2021" as shown below. Transfer amount will be updated accordingly. 

Step 10: Select insurance and/or any service for the new unit.

Step 11: Review & make changes to the standard & rental rate of the new unit. Click on Apply discount to apply any discounts to the unit. 

The discount applied can be either a custom discount where you can apply any fixed price or percentage of your choice, a promotional plan which has been created in the Settings tab, or a Promocode given to the tenant. 

Step 12: In the final step of the transfer choose a preferred mode of e-sign and then make a payment if there is any balance on the new unit.

Click on the transfer button when you are done Previewing the invoice, lease agreements and other details of the transfer.

To confirm the transfer click on " Yes" button and the tenant will be transferred to the new unit. 

Step 13: Click on View Lease button to check the lease details