Barcodes increases the speed of the payment process. It also reduces the risk of possible errors, such as filling out the wrong payment details, as manual data entry and information reading errors are drastically reduced. Also, all payment information for the recipient of the invoice is processed and integrated within the barcode.

In 6storage, we have an option to add barcode on the invoice. Here are the following steps on how to enable it: 

Step1:  Select the Documents tab in the Setting menu bar. In the Documents select the Invoice Receipt.

Step2: Select Sales Invoice, click on edit.  

Step3: In edit invoice window, we can enable and customize the barcode patterns. 


The pattern can be customized with the following details arranged in any different order by dragging & dropping the fields. 

The field details that can be added in the bar code pattern are as follows:

1.  account_number: Bank account number that you h

2. invoice_totals_euros

3. invoice_total_cents

4. reference_year

5. reference_tenant_id

6. reference_invoice_number

7. due_date

Note: The order can be customized at any point of time and the changes will reflect on the future invoices.