Custom Reservation fee:

The term reservation fee refers to the fee charged by the storage owner for booking a unit. It is very similar to a Security Deposit – meaning it is paid in order to secure the room of the buyer. The fee once paid takes the property off the market temporarily, giving the potential buyer exclusivity upon the unit. This fee charged can be customed based on the owner’s choice (Basically reservation charge is based on monthly unit price this can be customized).

 Know more about the Customization of the reservation fee in the admin portal. 

When you have customized the reservation fee in the admin portal these fee appear on the online portal for potentials tenants. 


Step1: Click on the Reserve Now button on the website. 


Step2: Choose your tenant type which can be either Personal User or Business User. Then choose your storage type, choose your location, choose the unit type and the move-in date. Then click on View, this will display the units available. 


Step3: Choose the unit of your choice then click on the Reserve Now.


Step4: Fill in all the details and scroll down to see payment details. 


After checking the payment details click on Reserve Now.