Vehicle information to display on the Addon tab:


Vehicle information gives the details of the vehicle kept in the storage. 


Step1: Click on the Rent Now on the website. On clicking this it will redirect to the rent now page. 



Step2: Choose your tenant type which can either be Personal User or Business User. Then choose your storage type, choose your location, choose the unit type and the move-in date. Then click on View, this will display the units available. 


Step3: Choose the unit of your choice then click on the Rent Now.


Step3: In the selected storage step the tenants can choose the suitable billing period and any additional months he needs to rent the storage. 


Step4: In the next step we have an option to add the Vehicle Details. Click on the drop-down arrow to fill in the details of the vehicle.

Step5:  Here we can add the vehicle details that we are storying in the facility. 

Vehicle type means a category of power-driven vehicles which do not differ in essential engine/vehicle and onboard diagnostics system characteristics.

Vehicle Year is the year in which the vehicle is bought.

Brand tells about which company does the vehicle belongs to. ( Title brands indicate whether a used vehicle has sustained damage )

Model refers to the name of a car product.

Licensing state means any state with regulations equivalent to the suggested state regulations for control of radiation relating to, and an effective program for, the regulatory control.

Reg# is a sequence of letters and numbers assigned to a motor vehicle when it is registered, usually indicating the year and place of registration, displayed on number plates at the front and rear of the vehicle, and by which the vehicle may be identified.

License# the number on the license plate that identifies the car that bears it.  

On adding all the details click on Add.


Step6:  On adding all the details we see on top, we can add more vehicles if any. 








After adding the vehicle details, we need to click on Next Step and complete the move-in process.