Lead/ Reservation Lead Source:

To understand which marketing channels your best quality leads come from, you need to track your lead source. Lead source is the primary source where the lead came from. Now in 6storage we can customize the lead source in Lead and Reservation, this can be done following simple steps in our application. 

Step1: Click on Leads in the side bar, then click on Add Lead.

Step2:  Clicking Add Lead find the  field named " Lead Source " , you can then find all the default lead categories and sources that 6Storage has.

Click on Add Lead Source option to edit or add any new lead category/ Source

Step3: In the lead Source window you can customize your lead sources. Click on Add Category to add any new lead category  .

Note: To add a new lead Source to your lead category click on the Add Source button. 


Now when you are done click on Back To Add Lead to continue added leads to your Facility.