To edit or delete a Lead source follow the steps below:

Select the Add lead Source option from the Add lead Form

You can now see all the default lead categories and sources offered by 6Storage


To edit the lead category, click on the category name, which will then turn into an editable text box. Make the changes that you need and click on the Save button.

To delete a lead category click on the trash icon near the lead category name.

Click on the delete button in the confirmation popup to confirm the action.

The lead Source under each category is divided into 2. ie the lead sources offered by default and the lead sources added by you. 

The default lead sources will be displayed on the top the list and the customized lead source will be displayed below the default options. 

To add any one lead Source under the lead category click on Add lead Source option  and type in a lead source name. 

To remove any of the lead Sources click on the trash icon on the lead source name.