This feature displays a list of collected payment from different sources originally generated between the last closure till current time. You can type in the payment amount that you have actually received and 6Storage would help you find the difference between the actual amount and the recorded , refunded amount. You can also find details of the invoice for which a payment was recorded. Each time you close your day; a batch report is created for future reference. Reconciliation is used to ensure that the money leaving an account matches the actual money spent. Daily closure report gives the summary of this making sure the balances match at the end of a particular accounting period.

Here are few simple steps to close your day on 6Storage.

1. Click on the close day button from the 6Storage dashboard. 

2. In the resulting screen, you can see all the payments that has been recorded on the 6Storage software by different payment types. 

3. If there is any refunds during the move out process, 6Storage also lists that for you. 

4. The total column shows you the total amount which is equal to Recorded payments - Recorded refunds 

5. You can now type in the amount of money you have in hand and 6Storage will help you find the difference between the total recorded payment and the actual price. 

Differences are of 3 types:

1. Positive difference: If the difference is a positive value, then you have excess money is hand.  

2. Negative difference: If the difference is a negative value, the you are shortage of money in your hands. 

3. Zero difference: If the difference is zero then the collected amount and recorded amount are the same.

6. Type in the comments to close the daily with the recorded payments. 

Note: All the closed payments for the day will be created as a batch and you can view the batch field in the Daily closure report.