Most people can't visualize a Small(5x10), Medium(10x10) or Large(10x20) unit or how much each will hold. They need more direction. Does your facility provide a guide to unit sizes and what can be stored?

For example, do you offer an estimator or calculator on your website? Do you have a sample unit that clearly shows the different sizes?

Here's how you can integrate the 6Reckoner onto your website by following the steps below,


  • Log in to the 6Reckoner  account.





  • From the settings select  Embed Calculator . Then, copy the  Head tag script


Head tag script




  •  Also copy the iframe tag, after you have pasted the head tag on your website.




  • Login to your WordPress account to edit place the calculator




  •  Click on the Appearance menu and click on Theme Editor select the Theme Header.  



  •  Paste the 6Reckoner Embed script here before the </head> tag and click on the "Update File" button.  









  • Select  Pages and click again on the All Pages hovers on any page where you want to embed the 6Reckoner  and click on the Edit with Elementor.






  •  In the Elementor editor drag and drop the HTML tag into the page  to display the 6Reckoner






  • Paste the iframe HTML Code and click on the update button. Refresh the webpage, to find the below screen 


  • The 6Reckoner is embedded with your website but we still need to authenticate. To finish the authentication process navigate to the Settings  and click on Add Domain on your 6Reckoner account. Add your website's domain name and hit on Add Domain button.




  • Now, the 6Reckoner is embedded with your website perfectly. Go ahead and refresh the website to see the 6Reckoner.