Cut down on all those "Duhhhh" moments! take away the sheet that lists all storage unit sizes and suggestions of what can fit. 

 we've got a solution for you! Sync your facility details with our storage calculator from which you can showcase the units that are suitable for your tenant's needs

It is the process the synching the data from 6storage into 6Reckoner. Once synchronized then all the operations that occurred in 6storage will reflect in the 6Recknoner.

If you click on the login button, it will redirect to the 6Reckoner Dashboard page. 


If the calculator is clicked on the right side menu of 6storage then the page will display as below, and the user can see the Signup for free and Try Now button



If the Signup for free button is clicked it should redirect to the Confirmation code page where you will enter the code which you have received on the registered phone number.

Once the code is entered then the integration process will be initiated.

Once the integration is done, you should be able to see the log in and Deactivate button on the screen.


In your 6storage account if the phone number is not updated then the synchronization is not possible, as OTP confirmation will happen through a phone number. If your mobile number is not updated and if you click on the Signup for free then the page will display as below,


Then, as a storage operator go to the Company Profile under Settings and update the phone number with country code as like( +91 8939032119)



After the phone number is entered click on the Signup for free button, then it will display the Confirmation Code page. Enter the Confirmation Code received on the registered phone number.


Once the code is entered then the integration process should be initiated. 


Once the ingratiation is completed, then you can click on the login button which will take you to the Dashboard page of 6Reckoner.





If you click on the Deactivate button, then the integration of 6Reckoner with your 6Storage account should be deactivated. Once deactivated then the page should be displayed as below,



Try Now:

If the Try Now button is clicked it will redirect to the page where the storage operator explores more about the 6Reckoner.


Login: If the account is activated/ integrated with 6storage, then it will display the Login and Deactivate button.

once the Login button is clicked then 6Reckoner Dashboard should be displayed. In the Dashboard page of the 6Reckoner, you can see the Units Management page.


Units Management:

All the units in 6Storage should be displayed on the 6Reckoner Dashboard page.

Under the Units List menu, The Storage Type, Storage Name, Dimensions(WXHXL), Number of Units, Number of Occupied Units, Vacant units, and Actions should be displayed.



 The Storage operator can Edit/ Delete and Suspend the unit from the Actions.

If the units are edited or deleted, it should be edited and deleted only from 6Reckoner.

Any changes you do in 6Reckoner will not synchronize with 6Storage. On the other hand, if any edit/ delete operation is done in 6Storage will reflect in 6Reckoner. It works as a "One-way synchronization".

Move-in Synchronization:

If Tenants rent a unit then the number of the vacant unit count will be decreased to 6Reckoner based on the number of units rent by a tenant. On the other hand, the number of occupied units will be increased, based on the number of units rented by a tenant. In total if the client has 100 units in the 6Storage then the total units count will display in the Number of storage units.


Move-out Synchronization:

The tenant can do a move-out only from the admin and online portal. tenants can not do a move-out from 6Reckoner. If any tenant move-out happens then the number of occupied units will be increased based on the number of units moved by a tenant.


Also, the number of vacant units count also be increased.


Delete Unit in the admin portal:

If units are deleted in the admin portal then the number of storage units count in 6Reckoner should be decreased based on the number of units deleted.





The Preferred & Choose from other Units:

The preferred units should be displayed based on the items the customers have selected. Choose from other units should be displayed as suggestions for the customers. Either they can select their preferred unit or they can select other units. These unit sizes are displayed for the customers based on the units uploaded in the 6Storage.