Websites are at the heart of any modern marketing strategy, and Localization of your website will provide you with a guaranteed result. Language is the key element in driving sales and marketing efforts and 6Storage help you to translate dynamic contents such as discount plan names, services name etc. 

Translation of the dynamic fields on your 6Storage account can be done in 3 simple steps. 

Step1:  Navigate to Setting  >> General >> Company Profile. Add the languages supported by your business Website in the field “Business Website Supported Language(s)” . 

6Storage shows you a list of preferred languages. 

Step2:  Now you are ready for some translation on your dynamic data

Let’s take discount as an example: 

Navigate to the Discount setting under the Financial settings. 

Click on the translation icon,  under Actions.  

In the resulting popup enter the necessary translation and click on Save. 

Step3: Now, on the  German Online site the translation would reflect.