It is crucial for all storage owners to run their business in their local time zone. Late fees are one of the important factors which will impact directly on the finance and lead the owner into legal issue if it is not handled properly.


Currently, Late fee applies to the overdue tenants on a particular day set by the storage owner, but the storage owner can't customize the late fee apply time in his/her time zone on 6storage. However with this new feature we have now the storage owner can apply the late fee at a particular time of the day. 


Step 1: To apply a late fee on your local time, go to the Automation tab in 6storage software.

The time that is shown in the late fee field is the default time set by 6Storage- software. 



Click here to know more on how to enable and set the late fee, if you have not enabled them yet. 

Note: The Late fee time can be changes only if the late fees are enabled on your 6Storage account. 

Step 2: Choose the time in a day when you want the late fees to apply for your overdue tenants


Step 3: When you are done setting the right time type in a comments for future reference and click on Save

This will bring up a final confirmation popup. 


Click on Confirm button to confirm the changes. 

You can get to know the late fees added to to your overdue tenants from the Late Fee report on 6Storage. To get the late fee report navigate to Reports--> Late fee report