In a self-storage facility, the main purpose of the tenant’s insurance is to protect the belongings of the tenant. Although all facilities have their own standards for security, storage insurance gives the tenants an additional level of protection to their belongings. 

Insurance is never a fun subject, but one that’s extremely important to protect your tenant’s belongings.


If a situation arises where one customer breaks the rules and stores things they were not supposed to and something like a fire breaks out, the tenant’s valuables could be in danger

6Storage has implemented a feature on the online portal for the tenants to buy insurance even after they have moved into the unit. The tenants can also change their insurance plans from their online portal. 

Here are simple steps for tenants to buy or change their insurance plans.

Step 1: As soon as your tenants log in to their online portal, a pop-up with the rented uninsured unit numbers pops up.

Step 2: Tenants can either choose “Don’t Show” or “Remind me later” or “Buy Now!”  from the popup. 

  • Don’t Show: If the tenant chooses this option the insurance pop-up will not be displayed each time the tenant log’s in.

  • Remind me later: If the tenant chooses this option the insurance pop-up will be displayed each time the tenant log’s in.

  • Buy Now: After selecting the uninsured unit, the tenant can buy the insurance by clicking the buy now option.

Step 3: If the tenant misses buying the insurance from the popup the tenant can click on the buy now from the online dashboard.

Step 4: After clicking on “Buy Now!” the tenant has to select an insurance plan from the list of offered insurance plans or can type in their own insurance plan. 

Step 5: If the tenant chooses the “I have my own insurance” option, the details such as “Policy Provider Name”, “Policy Number”, “Policy Phone Number”, “Effective from Date” and “Effective to Date” should be filled in to save the insurance. 


Step 6: If the tenant chooses an insurance plan offered by the storage operator and clicks on continue buying, this will take them to the final step.  

Step 7: On the final step the tenant can read and accept the Insurance document.

Step 8: The tenant can either choose to pay now through credit/debit cards or can pay later. 

Step 9: If the tenant selects the credit/debit card option the credit card form will pop up. The tenant can either choose to pay through a saved card or can use a new card.


Step 10: To view all the purchased insurances for each of the rented units navigate to Profile >> “My Insurance”.