An unpaid invoice is a serious problem for self storage businesses, cutting into profits and eating up employee time that could be better spent on professionally productive activities.

How can you manage this problem efficiently so that you can get these invoices paid and move on with business as usual? 

Unfortunately, they have to be dealt with, and that means chasing down clients who haven’t paid, sometimes for weeks on end.

You can’t ensure you’ll avoid them forever. But you can minimize the number of unpaid invoices by tracking them regularly. In 6storage software, you can see the total unpaid invoices on regular basis in the dashboard.






You can view the unpaid amounts for a week, last 30 days and more than 30 days as well.  If you click on the total unpaid amount, It will redirect you to the report called Past due/Balance due report. To go to the report, click on Reports--> Past due/Balance due report







In the report select storage category, Location and building as "All". Also select" Balance due" report. The sum of the total balance should match with the " Total Unpaid amount" displayed on the dashboard.

Moreover, you can see the invoice balance of each invoice from the "Operations" tab. 

Click Here to know more for viewing the list of unpaid invoices on your 6Storage account.