Alphanumeric Sender ID allows you to send SMS messages to supported countries from a personalized sender ID (like a business or organization name) via Twilio.

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  • Higher message deliverability:
    Twilio handles fluctuating telecom logic, regulations, and carrier-specific rules to ensure your messages reach their destination
  • Improved brand recognition: 

    Because recipients see your name with every SMS sent, using a recognizable Alphanumeric Sender ID reinforces your branding.

  • Increased open rates:
     With Alphanumeric Sender IDs, recipients immediately recognize the sender and know the message is legitimate. As a  result, they are up to 80% more likely to open the message.

Follow these simple steps to configure the Sender ID on your 6Storage account.

Navigate to Settings>> Integration tab on your 6Storage account.

Scroll to find the available notification integration and click on Twilio

You will find the API details previously configured on your account for one way text message on your 6Storage account. Enable the Sender ID and type in the ID you want for your messages.  In the below example, the sender id is set as XYZ Storage. 

Note: The sender ID will work only on Twilio one-way SMS. 

Tips for making a Sender ID:

Alphanumeric Sender IDs can contain up to 11 characters from the following categories:

  • Upper-case letters A - Z

  • Lower-case letters a - z

  • Numbers 0 - 9

  • Spaces

     Note: Sender IDs must contain at least one letter. Special characters and punctuation are not allowed.

Sample of the message with Alphanumeric sender ID