Are you one of the Self Storage Operators who collect the tenant's Social security Number as an ID  before the tenant's move-in to the facility however are you and tenants are naïve in terms of dealing anything with SSN. We,6Storage, Sweep the fear out when handling an SSN. As a storage operator, you can make social security number confidential, meaning, the received SSN from tenants will be masked on the tenant's lease page. 

This can be done by enabling the feature in the Preference settings in 6Storage. Walk with me by following the below steps to make social security number confidential.

To collect a tenant's social security number during move-in, enable the social security number in the move-in field settings.

Upon enabling this field, it will be displayed on the tenant details page during move-in, where tenants will enter their social security number.

The storage owner can make the social security number confidential by enabling the field in Preference settings. This will mask the social security number on the tenant's lease page.

After the successful move-in, the tenant's social security number is displayed on the tenant's lease page.

If it's not made confidential in the Preference settings then the social security number of a tenant will not be masked on the tenant's lease page.