How to have your Business TAX ID on all the documents:

It’s another example that we listen to our customers. Lately, we had an option to display the business tax ID only on the invoice in 6Storage. However, customers from different countries have different regulations when they’re invoicing business tenants.

So, we have implemented a feature where you can have your tax ID on all the invoice and receipt types. (Merchandise Invoice, Refund receipts, and etc.,). Also, you’ll have an option to show your tax ID only for the business tenants, don’t you think it’s like the cherry on top?

Please follow the below steps to enable this feature,

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Documents -> Invoice/Receipt -> Click on ‘Actions’


Step 2: Once you’ve clicked on the required document, Go to Header -> Business Details -> Address. You’ll find an option to add your business tax ID on the required document and you can enable a checkbox ‘Display tax ID only for business user’ so the system will bind the tax ID on the document only if it is a business tenant.


Here is the sample Invoice and Receipt,