Storage operators commonly measure their business success with both physical and economic occupancy rates. As a facility owner, you also wonder, how much space is used economically and what is the revenue from each sqft/sqm/sqcm in your facility. 

Area Occupany report helps you understand how your facility's space is being used. Each unit is assigned to a group based on its status. 


The occupancy rate is the ratio of rented or used space to the total available space.

Occupancy is reported according to four different metrics.

By Unit Occupancy

By sqft/sqm/sqcm Occupancy

By Economic Occupancy

By Physical Occupancy

Select the storage category, Dimension, Location, Building, and Unit type for which you want to see the Occupancy status.

After the selection, click on the "Get Report" button, then the report will be displayed

If you want to export/ download the report then click on the export button and select any of the following options PDF, XSLX, and XSL. 

In the Unit summary, you can see the storage status of all storage and its percentage, the Area of each storage, and the percentage.

For the Storage Occupancy, each storage status is exclusive, meaning storage will only be counted towards one storage status. we have the following statuses for storage

1. Occupied

2. Reserved

3.. Maintenance

4. Repaired

5. Facility Use

6. Vacant

You can find the square foot price, current, and total possible rent on the average rent summary.

Unit Summary

% Rental               -    Number of Rented Units/ Total number of Units*100

% Reserved           -    Number of Reserved Units/ Total number of Units*100

% Maintenance     -    Number of maintenance Units/ Total Units*100

% Repaired           -    Number of repaired Units/ Total Units*100

% Facility Use        -    Number of facility Units/ Total Units*100

% Vacancy            -    Number of Vacancy Units/ Total Units*100

Average Rent / Sqm Potential       -    Sum of Total rental amount (Total Price) / Sum of the total area

Average Rent / Sqm Actual           -    Sum of total rental amount of all occupied units / Sum of the total area of all occupied storage area

Average Unit sqm / All Units        -     Sum of all units’ area (sqm) / Total number of units

Average Unit sqm / Occupied Units        -    Total sum of all rented Units area (sqm) / Total number of rented units


Report Columns Explanation


Unit Size  -  Unit size will be displayed based on the unit type settings on 6storage    


Storage Count -  How many storage units are uploaded from data upload should be displayed in the report


Total Area  -    Area of a unit x Total storage count


Price per Storage -     Unit price should be displayed here


Total price -    Price per storage x Total Storage Count


Occupied Storage -   The Number of units occupied by the tenants should be displayed here


Occupied Storage Area -   Number of units occupied x Area of a Unit


Total Price -     Number of units occupied x Price per storage unit


Reserved Units -  The Number of units reserved by customers should be displayed here


Reserved Storage area -   Number of units reserved x Area of a unit


Reservation Price    -    Number of units reserved x Price of a storage unit


Maintenance storage count    -    The number of units in Maintenance should be displayed here


Maintenance storage area    -  Number of units in Maintenance x Unit size of a storage


Repaired storage count   -    The number of units repaired should be displayed here


Repaired storage area   -    Number of units repaired x unit size of a unit


Facility Use Count         -    The number of units in a facility should be displayed here


Facility Use storage area    -  Number of units in facility use x area of a unit


Vacancy storage count -     The number of units that are vacant should be displayed here


Vacancy storage area    -    Number of vacancy units xX area of a unit


Physical Occupancy      -    Number of units occupied / Total number of units) *100


Economic Occupancy    -    Total price of occupied units / Total price of all units) *100