To reserve a unit in the software, click on the Leads menu, then click on the 'Reservation' tab and, click 'Add reservation.'

Select Storage Type, Location, Building, and Unit size based on the customer’s requirements and select the unit you need to reserve.

Enter the customer details such as Name, Email, Contact information, and Address. Select the Preferred Move-in date from the calendar. If you would like to exempt the tax for your customer, enable the 'Exempt Tax' checkbox and enter the Tax-exempt ID.

Add lead source by selecting a lead source from the drop-down. You can always add new source categories from the bottom of the list.  

Select the Reminder date from the calendar. Select the reservation status from the dropdown.  

Here comes the last step- You need to fully review the reservation price details and choose the payment method from the ’Select Payment’ drop-down. You can see the three options available.

If tenants wish to pay through cash, select Cash and click ‘Reserve.’ Your reservation will be completed but in this case, the tenants will have to visit the facility and make the payment themselves. 

Also, if tenants wish to pay by Money Order, enter the reference number and click ‘Reserve’ to complete the process.

To collect Reservation fees via Credit/Debit card payments, you should have enabled the 'Credit card' payment type in Payment Settings. For that you need to navigate to Settings >> Move-in >> Payment Settings. Once you cross-check, you may proceed further.

Finally, if tenants choose 'Credit card' to pay, enter the credit card details in the dialog box and click on Proceed to Pay. 

You have successfully reserved a unit. Thank you!