Are you an operator how really holds reservations past a week or a few days? Having started the clock the day of reservation and having them move in later might seem excessive. 6Storage helps you manage your reservation effectively.

To add a reservation on 6Storage, follow these simple steps

Step 1: Click on Lead Tab from the 6Storage dashboard and then select reservations. Click on Add Reservation button to add a new reservation.

Step 2: Select the Storage Category, Location, Building and Storage Size that the lead is interested in . Finally choose the storage the lead is interested in. 

Step 3: Fill in the lead's information such as First name, last name , email , phone number, Address and also choose a desired move in date.

Step 4: Cross check the reservation fee for the selected unit and select the payment type. 

Note: To collect Credit/Debit card payments navigate to Settings>>Move in >> payment setting and enable the Credit card payment type on Reservation

Step 4: Type in the cc details and proceed to make payments