General Overview


6Security is an encrypted, cloud-based system that overcomes the limits of traditional access control systems with its flexibility and versatility. 6Security allows you to introduce new revenue streams and sets a new standard for aspirant self-storage operators who seek a robust solution to strengthen their business. The primary motto of 6Security is to provide a comfortable environment to clients and tenants in terms of storage security, simplified controls, and managing units.


Who are the users of 6Security?

  • Storage owners: Configure the 6Security system with their 6Storage account for tenants to access their storage. 
  • Tenant: Key in their gate access code to access the storage unit. 


List of Components of 6Security

Individual Unit Alarm

The key to a successful remotely managed self-storage facility lies in the security of each storage unit. We can integrate all the solutions for individual unit alarms from wired to wireless door magnets. But on top of all, our PIR/microwave dual technology sensors detect movements intelligently within each unit while also preventing false alarms.

  • All sensors are installed on a single BUS cable that runs through the facility. 
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Remotely adjust the sensitivity of each individual sensor even while units are rented
  • Anti-masking feature on each sensor to protect against more sophisticated burglar attempts

Keypads and Touch Screen

Our stainless-steel keypads and touch screens activate several features within the facility. Along with protecting the storage unit with pre-set code, it also enables tenants to receive a notification email whenever their unit is accessed using the code. This feature helps tenants to be aware of whoever accesses the unit in case the code was shared with partners or employees.


Keypad Features


  • Stainless steel/inox casing IP53 with led backlit numbers
  • Install your keypad up to 500 mt distance from the main 6Security hub
  • Anti-tampering alarm
  • Includes a buzzer on the confirmation button


Touch Screen Features


  • 4.3-inch widescreen, 16.7 colors.
  • Ideal for sheltered or indoor applications.
  • Customizable vocal greeting or goodbye to the customer through micro-SD.
  • Includes small alarm siren.

Electric Locks on Unit  

6Security can manage any electric lock solution on individual units. When the tenant enters their access code at the main door, it instantly unlocks the unit. Likewise, there’s another way to keep the unit protected even after entering the passcode:


When the tenant enters the access code at the main door, it temporarily activates a button at the unit. The tenant can walk to their unit, press the button and the lock will be instantly released.


6Security does not require complex wiring for adding electric locks. Electric lock relay commands can be placed on the same BUS cable of the alarm sensors for each unit.

Automatic Lock Unit

This is an electronic door lock that allows you to lock and unlock the unit automatically. Automatic Lock Unit provides protection and stability to the unit.


The siren detects intrusion such as unauthorized entry or when a wrong code is entered. When an unauthorized person enters a wrong passcode, the siren turns on to give an alert.

Wireless Flood Sensor

When there’s a water leak or flood inside the unit, there’s a huge risk of damage to the unit and the goods kept inside. But this sensor comes to the rescue by detecting the water leakage and alerts the owner on the situation.

Wireless Door Sensor

Sometimes tenants may forget to lock the unit when they leave which may create a problematic situation for both the owner and the tenant. This wireless door sensor can solve this problem. As soon as the door is opened, the sensor will be activated. It detects whether the person is inside or outside the unit and locks the unit automatically. 


Flow Diagram


Description automatically generated


6Security is a Gate access control, and an own product of 6Storage that is designed to automate and secure facility access areas using locks and alarms. It includes sensors, alarms, flood monitoring sensors, and smoke detection sensors to keep the units in protection. Once 6Security is configured, it works with the help of 6Security Cloud Box.


6Security Cloud Box is a cloud-based technology that can be accessed through laptops, and mobile and web applications. 6Security Cloud Box is configured with the tenants’ information and unit details at 6Storage. 6Storage web application creates a unique ID for each tenant for their unit. 6Security binds all the information with help of the 6Storage web application and sends it through a static IP address, Port Number.


After sending all this information, 6Security manages the database separately for storing client and tenant information. When a new tenant moves in, the 6Storage management software stores information in AWS and communicates to the 6Security panel -> 6Security Cloud Box.


If both the tenant and unit details are equal, it opens the gate. If it does not match 6Security Cloud Box, then 6Security will not open the gate.