Printing sitemaps so far has been a headache for storage operators owing to various reasons. Most of them used to manually build their facility structure in excel sheets and some create their maps in AutoCAD with the help of their civil engineers and then take it for print. 

To make this entire process feasible and efficient, we have built a new feature that enables storage operators to take prints of the complete status of their storage facilities as sitemaps and use them as per their requirements. They can regularly update their tenants and staff members on the status of each facility, or they may visibly publish at the facility or keep a copy to the staff members or admin who have no access to the Admin portal.

Here's how to print sitemaps:

To print sitemaps, go to the home page at 6Storage. Click on ‘Sitemap’ at the top left of the page.

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The next page displays the blueprint of the facility. Click on the ‘Print’ button. 

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A dialog box comes up from where you need to choose the criteria for printing the page such as Destination, Pages and Color. From the ‘Destination’ dropdown, you can either print the page or save it as a PDF. If required, you can click on ‘More settings’ and do more changes as you wish.

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By clicking on ‘Print’, the selected page will be printed which you can use as per your requirements. If you select 'Save as PDF,' you need to click on ‘Save’ and the page will be saved in your device as a PDF file.