Go to ‘Operations’ from the side menu and click on the ‘Invoice’ tab.

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Select each filter according to the results you need to fetch. Select the storage category and facility location. Select the invoice type as ‘Unsent invoices.’

‘Payment Mode’ indicates choosing the payment method that the tenant would have opted for the lease. You may choose any payment mode from the list to narrow your search. However, you may select ‘All’ if you are going to do a collective search for all unsent invoices.

Select the invoice period from the date picker. The ‘Search by’ filter implies the criteria, whether you want to fetch search results sorted by invoice number or tenant name or unit. Select one or simply click on ‘Apply.’

From the list of results for the unsent invoices, you can either select all the results by enabling the master checkbox or you can mark specific units and click on the ‘send invoice’ button.

Now, the selected unsent invoices will be resent to the emails of all the tenants.