Follow these simple steps for locking or unlocking the overdue lease(s).

Step 1: Enable the Over Lock the Overdue units under the automation tab.

Step 2: Choose the number of days after the due date that the lease will get over locked automatically, and the tenants gate code will no longer work.  

In the above example, the lease(s) will be locked automatically one day after the due date. 

Step3: Choose how to notify the tenant, either by Email &/ or SMS.


Step 4: Finally, if you want to grant access to the unit automatically after the tenant has paid their dues, then Enable Auto Grant for Suspend/Overlocked Units option, then click on Submit Button save the changes. 

Note: Click on the View Overdue leases button to find the leases that are currently due. 

Click here for more info on Overdue Lease(s).