Follow the steps stated below to automate your reminder emails or text messages to your tenants. 

Step 1: Click  on the Automation tab

Step 2: Ensure that the Turn on the Email/SMS notification toggle button is turned on

Step 3: Click Add Event to set a new reminder. 

Step 4:

Provide the details of the event that will trigger the reminder you want to send your tenants through email or text messages.

Field Details:

1. Event Name:  Some examples are: Overdue Notice, Move out Reminders, Rent reminders, etc.

2. When to Remind (in days)?:  

Days: Specify the number of days to send an email to a tenant. 

After/ Before: Choose either after or before from the dropdown.

Type of Event: There are 3 types of events, for which an  email can be sent to the tenants

- Move out 

- Payment Due Date

- Schedule Move out


 2 days before the Payment Due date:  will send an email 2 days before the payment due date to all the tenants in the 6Storage account.  

3 days before the scheduled Move Out date: will send an email to the tenant(s) 3 days before their Scheduled Move out Date.

3. Choose Template: You will have to choose the template that you want to send to the tenant by email.. 

Note: If you want to add a new custom template click on Create Template link.

Step 5: To set up text messages enable the SMS check box & choose a template of your choice.

The event will be created when you click on the Save button.

Steps 6: The events that are created on your 6Storage account will be added to the events table


Note: The following actions can be performed on any event that is created

1. Edit Event

2. Delete Event

3. View Report

The report shows you the details of all the notification emails & text messages that were sent to your tenant.