Move-in is the step where you move a tenant into an available unit and create their lease. To begin, click on the Move-in button at the top left side of 6Storage. The Move-in button is available from the dashboard, as well as other screens.

The Move-in process includes five steps, each step comprising the necessary information to complete the move-in process and generate a lease. Mandatory and optional fields are selected in the Settings menu.

When moving in a new tenant, click on the New Tenant button. If an existing tenant is adding a unit, select the tenant from the list of existing tenants, and go to the second step, Storage Details.


Tenant Details

For a new tenant, enter Tenant Details. Fields are selected in the Settings menu, along with the option to make the information mandatory.

Select the ID type and enter the required fields. Upload a picture of the tenant or a scan of their required identification.

Enter the Alternate/Emergency Contact Person details. 

 Click on Next Step at the bottom of the page.

Storage Details

The next step contains the Storage Details. Select the Storage Type, Location, Building, Move-in date, Invoice period, and Billing cycle. 

Available units matching the selected criteria will be displayed. 

Select the storage unit you will be renting to the tenant from the available units list.

Details for the selected storage unit are available on the next screen, along with space to enter storage item details. Select Next Step.

The Addons page of the Move-In process outlines the extra services/facilities provided at your business, as well as a space to collect additional information required before move-in. 

If tenants opt to buy Insurance, select the plan, or indicate if they have their own insurance policy.

Fees/Services like Admin Fee or Cleaning Fee are entered next.

If you sell Merchandise, enter items being purchased next.

If tenants are storing a vehicle, enter the vehicle information in the Vehicle Details tab. 

Click Next Step to proceed.

E-Sign & Payment

(This article details more information about the E-Sign and Payment part of the move-in process)

Once the payment details are completed, click on Save & Proceed to complete the Move-in. The confirmation screen will display as below:

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The Move-in is now complete.