Click on the Move-In Button to launch the process of moving in a tenant. The system will open with the Tenant Details tab.  For a new tenant, click New Tenant.  If an existing tenant is adding a unit, scroll to find the tenant or use the search function.

Clicking on New Tenant will open the Tenant Details page, where required and optional information is entered. You will not be able to proceed with further steps until all the required information is entered. Fields are selected in the Settings menu by the admin, along with the option to make the information mandatory. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk *

If you have an existing tenant renting more unit(s), click on existing from the tenant's profile.

The system will copy the tenant's existing information.  Double-check to make sure all of the information is still accurate.

Select the ID type and enter the required fields. Upload a picture of the tenant or a scan of their required identification. 

Enter the Alternate/Emergency Contact Person details. 

 Click on Next Step at the bottom of the page to advance to Storage Details.