If you are planning to offer any additional services like Insurance, merchandise, and or collecting any additional information, this is the place you can do it.

  • Insurance

    Insurance(make sure you check your state and local laws regarding the sale and issuance of insurance policies. 6Storage is not responsible or liable for any incorrect or illegal issuance of insurance.  This option is only intended to add a fee for a properly executed policy)(HAVE YOUR ATTORNEY PROOF THIS STATEMENT)

If you’re offering insurance to your tenants, you can choose the plan based on the premium and it’ll be added to the month-on-month invoice.


In case of any additional service like transportation, cleaning fee, or battery charging,  you can create them as a service and apply them to your tenant.

 Will you sell merchandise? If yes, you can sell it to your tenants during the move-in process, or later. 


 If you’re offering the parking space to your tenants, you can enter the vehicle details like the model, license plate, as such.