If you have more than one 6Storage account, you can switch from one account to another with a single login. 

After you sign in with your username and password, all of your accounts will be shown on the menu. You can select the account you’d like to sign in with from the list.

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You can use the search bar to easily find any of your accounts by typing any three consecutive letters of your account name.

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Once you have signed into an account and want to switch to a different account, click on your profile image or initial. All of your accounts will be shown on the menu. 

From the list, select the account you'd like to access. 

You can also view and update your account and profile by clicking on your Profile icon. 

Note: Your profile icon is displayed as the initials of the first and last names of your account.

My Account contains your Account information, Company information, and Payment history. Account information tab contains details such as your Account ID and Subscription details. Company information tab contains details such as the Address details of your storage and contact information. Payment history includes information on all your payment records.

My Profile tab contains personal information such as your name and address details.

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2FA (Two Factor Authentication) tab contains the option to enable/disable the two-factor authentication for your account. Enabling 2FA will insist on OTP (One-Time Password) verification every time you log into your account. Disabling 2FA will deactivate the functionality and allows you to log into your account without performing the OTP verification process.

The Change password tab is where you can change/update your password. The requirements for creating a strong password are shown on the same page.