Go to Settings. Click Preferences and then click Reservations.

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Enabling the checkbox Never tax for reservation would mean that no tax will be applied for reservations.


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If the checkbox is disabled, then tax will be applied based on the tax settings.


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The next checkbox Do you want to collect reservation fee is about whether or not you want to collect a reservation fee. If you don’t wish to collect the reservation fee, you can leave it disabled.

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If you wish to collect, you may enable the checkbox and each reservation on your 6storage account will have a reservation charge, which you can select from the options.

  • Unit standard price as reservation fee would mean the unit rental amount will be the reservation fee.
  • Custom reservation fee would mean that you can customize the reservation fee.

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To customize the reservation fee, you need to go to the Operations tab. Select each filter accordingly to search units and select the units for which you want to customize the reservation fee.

Click on the more actions button and click Assign reservation fees.


You can enter the reservation amount to be charged for each unit and then click Save.

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Now, you can collect the reservation fee for each reservation on your 6Storage account.