Amongst various reports we generate in the Reports section, Insurance Roll plays a key role in retrieving the data related to insurance schemes. As there is always a space for improvement, we have made a slight improvement to this report. Continue reading to know what the improvement is and how it works:

Go to Reports. Click Insurance Roll as you scroll down.


Choose the Storage category, Location, Building, and time period for which the data needs to be fetched.


Mode of Report is a filter that helps you analyze the data from two perspectives. You can pull the records by both Invoice period and Payments received.

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Invoice Period

Selecting this mode will display data involving all the invoice periods that fall under the selected period.


Payments Received

Selecting this mode will display data involving all the payments collected/received during the selected period.


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If you wish to fetch a report inclusive of both data, you can select the filter as ‘Payment received’ which comprises both the columns Invoice period and Payment received.

Hopefully, you need not fetch long records and use filters in spreadsheets anymore. Choose the mode of report you need, get the statistics, and do all the analysis that you wish to do.