Stor-Guard is a cloud-based, encrypted access control system that provides a secure, easy-to-access, and comfortable storage environment for your tenants. This article quickly takes you to the integration process between Stor-Guard and 6Storage.

Go to Settings >> Integration. Click the Stor-Guard logo.


The first step to configure is to select the location to which you need to configure Stor-Guard. The Location field consists of the list of locations you have added to your 6Storage account.

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As you select a location, the FolderPath and the FolderPathBackup fields are automatically selected, and these fields are not subjected to editing.

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Select Timezone from the dropdown. Please note that the list of numbers in the dropdown is in accordance with the timezones set in Stor-Guard. Add a description for the same. If needed, you can add more timezone by clicking Add Timezone.


Enabling the toggle button Default in Tenant Portal will ensure that the selected timezone is applicable to the Tenant Portal as well. Now, click Save and consider the integration part is done. For any more assistance in configuring Stor-Guard, please reach out to our Support team.