Macros are text substitutions. Instead of using longer texts, certain inputs can be recognized textually and replaced with different text. In our software, most of the input fields are required mainly during the move-in process and when updating information in the Settings tab.

When creating/editing documents and templates, you can make use of macros to place the required details anywhere in the document/template. Since we revolve around a plethora of fields altogether, we would like to make things easy for you. Here is the list of all the macro fields and their replacement output expressions, for your reference.

Move-in fields & Company Profile

Macro Name


ABA/Routing #

Company profile banking details

Account #

Bank account number

Address 1

Address line 1 of the storage facility

Address 2

Address line 2 of the storage facility

Admin Email

Storage owner email

Bank Name

Storage facility banking details

Banner Image

Image content or logo of the Company

Business Name

Storage name


City in which the storage facility is situated


International bank account number


Logo of the business

Primary Contact

Business user primary contact name


State in which the storage facility is situated

Support Email

Business user additional support email




Business website link

Zip Code

Pin code of storage facility


Financial Details

Macro Name


Currency Symbol

Currency symbols e.g., Dollars ($), Pounds (£)

Current Date

Current date based on the system format

Current Day

Current day in numbers

Current Day Text

Current day in text

Current Month

Current month in numbers

Current Month Text

Current month in text

Current Time UTC

Time-based on UTC

Current Year

Current year in number

Building Name

Facility different building names

Location Address1

Tenant address line 1

Location Address2

Tenant address line 2

Location City

Tenant city

Location Name

Tenant location name

Location Zip Code

Tenant pin code

Company Name

Insurance company name

Coverage Amount

Insurance coverage amount

Expiry date

Insurance plan expiry date

Insurance Tax Percentage

Insurance plan tax percentage

Premium with Tax

Insurance plan with tax amount

Premium without Tax

Insurance plan without tax amount

Storage base Insurance

Storage basic insurance plan coverage


Lease Information 

Macro Name


Authorized person Name

Alternate contact name

Balance Due

Balance due for the invoice will be reflected

Business User

Enable/disable - business user or personal user

Codice Fiscale

Italian fiscal code (for Italy-based clients)

Contract Number

Lease (or) contract number 

Emergency Contact Details

Authorized person name

Gate access code

Gate access code number

Grace period

Grace period in days

Gross Discount

Total discount amounts

Identification Details

Proof submitted during the initial move-in

Invoice date

Invoice created date

Invoice recurring

Invoice recurring types

Invoice to period

Invoice end period date

Invoice type

Forthcoming month/ Following month's invoice

Latest Invoice Sub Total

Recent invoice subtotal

Latest Invoice Total Tax

Recent invoice subtotal with tax


Lease Agreement

Macro Name


Lease Comments

Lease comments from the lease page

Lease Merchandise Payment

Merchandise payment amounts

Lease Nominee Mobile no

Authorized person's mobile number

Lease Nominee email

Authorized person's email address

Lease Nominee name

Authorized person name

Lease Total Payment

Total payment with taxes, services

Move-In date

Lease move-in date

Never Tax for Rent

Rental rate without tax

Next Billing date

Next invoicing date

Partial Payment

Partially paid amount

Payment type

Methods of payments


Refundable status of Security Deposit

Rent Discount

Rental discount amount

Scheduled Move out date

Date of scheduled move-out

Security deposit

Security deposit amount

Signature - Admin

Signature of the storage owner

Tax %

Tax in percentage

Tax Exemption

Exempted tax amount values

Tenant Signature

Signature of tenant

Total Discount

Discount in total amounts

Unit Gross Rent

Unit total rental amount or standard price total

Unit rent with tax

Unit rent with the tax amount

Unit rent without tax

Unit rent without the tax amount


Tenant information 

Macro Name


Address Line 1

Tenant address line 1

Address Line 2

Tenant address line 2


Tenant city

Company name

Tenant company name (for a business user)


Tenant date of birth


Tenant email address

First name

Tenant first name

Last name

Tenant last name

Phone 1

Tenant phone number - 1

Phone 2

Tenant phone number - 2


Tenant state

Tax ID

Tax id represented in the lease agreement

Tenant Id

Tenant unique number registered in the 6storage application

Tenant SSN

Tenant SSN number


Tenant zip code


Unit information

Macro Name


14 days price

Unit price amount for 14 days

28 days price

Unit price amount for 28 days


Unit building name

Daily price

Unit daily price amount


Unit location name

Security deposit

Unit security deposit

Unit #

Unit number

Unit 14 Days Price with Tax

14 days pricing amount with tax for the unit

Unit 28 Days Price with Tax

28 days pricing amount with tax for the unit

Unit Daily Price with Tax

Unit daily price amount with tax

Unit rent with tax

Unit rent amount with tax

Unit rent without tax

Unit rent amount without tax

Unit Size

Unit sizes based on the dimensions

Unit Size in Cubic Feet

Unit size in cubic feet in numbers

Unit Size in Cubic Meter

Unit size in cubic meter in numbers

Unit Size in Square Feet

Unit size in square feet in numbers

Unit Size in Square Metter

Unit size in square meter in numbers

Unit Size in W X L X H

Unit size in each dimension (width x length x height)

Unit type

Type of Unit (Pallets, RV)

Unit Weekly Price with Tax

Unit weekly price amount with tax

Weekly price

Unit price amount weekly without tax


Vehicle Storage

Macro Name



Vehicle Colour

License plate number

Vehicle License Plate Number

License state

Vehicle License State


Vehicle type of Make


Vehicle Model

Registration Number

Vehicle Registration Number

Type of vehicle

Which Type of Vehicle


Vehicle Mode Year