LockT is a cloud-based, encrypted access control system that provides a secure, easy-to-access, and comfortable storage environment for your tenants. This article quickly takes you to the steps to integrate LockT with 6Storage.

Go to Settings >> Integration. Click the LockT logo.


The Location field consists of the locations you have added to your 6Storage account. Select a location to which you need to configure LockT.


As you select a location, the Access Id will be automatically fetched based on the data given in your LockT account.

Graphical user interface, table

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Access Id is the Id you have added to your LockT account. Access Level indicates the time restrictions set for accessing the unit. The Edit icon in the Actions tab allows you to enable/disable the toggle button for Default in Tenant Portal tab. Enabling this will ensure that Access Id will be set as default in the Tenant Portal. Click the Save icon once all the necessary changes are made.

This integration will reflect during every move-in regarding setting the Gate Access Code, Access keypads, and Access Card Number. Fill each field accordingly.

Note: Gate Access Code must be in 4 digits. Also, the mobile number entered during move-in will be authenticated, meaning, a code will be sent to the given number to verify the Access Card Number. So, ensure that tenants provide a valid and accessible mobile number at the time of move-in.