Payment adjustments refer to the distribution of the amount paid on an invoice. Ideally, there may be several line items on an invoice, depending on the services provided to the tenant. When an invoice is paid, the amount paid will be distributed among each line item quoted in the invoice. Now, you can modify the payment distribution order by arranging the order of the line items as per your preferences.

Head over to Settings à Preferences à Payment Adjustment Settings

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Order Number is the preferred sequence of line items in an invoice. For instance, the existing order as shown below implies that the payable invoice amount will be distributed primarily to Insurance, secondly to Merchandise, and then to other line items according to the order.


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You can change the order by dragging the cards up and down according to your preferences. Click Preview to compare the arranged order with an invoice breakdown sample.


Once you set the cards in position, click Save to save the changes.


However, if you change your mind not to disturb the existing order but you’ve already moved the cards from their position, you can click Reset to return the cards to their previously saved order.


You can make changes to these settings as many times as necessary and the saved payment adjustment order will reflect in each of the invoices generated.